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An Artist above All...

It has been months that I have the desire to begin to write on this blog…But I wanted to have my new website the most advanced possible…It is not totally complete but now enough to my eyes to begin writing and sharing my passion, my experiences…

I think I will keep this blog as a « Journal de bord »…..

I will probably switch languages…It is amazing how much sometimes I feel to write more in english or more in french or more in italian !!...So, let’s have this place open to any kind of desire to express as for the language than for the subjects ! And, to begin with, SORRY for the mistakes !!

During these long months when I was working on my website, as well as taking care of my baby (who is 12 months old now !) and working on different projects, I had many times the desire to begin to write on so many different subjects ! Let’s begin today with what I just experienced yesterday…

I am 45 years old. I’ve been working my entire life dividing my passion between being a Performer, an Instructor and a Choreographer.

Of course, as I always say, you can not do everything on the same time or kind of…You have to put your energy sometimes more on a path than another in order to do a good job, enriching yourself the most you can, make progresses, improve your skills…

These last 3-4 years, I put a lot of my energy in « education » to improve my instructor skills…It was a big challenge ! Going back to study and re-questioning my instructor’s skill, the methods, etc…I went to the highest place in France to pass my Jazz Dance CA - CERTIFICAT d’APTITUDE - at CNSMD – Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse – de LYON….That was more than worth it !

But of course, even if in the mid time during these 18 months I was still dancing and choreographing as well as teaching, my energy was more into this educational challenge…

One of the thing they insisted on, is the fact that being an instructor does not have to exclude - or I should say "has to include"- the fact to be an Artist first…which I was so happy to hear because it is excatly what I always felt about me, my way to live my Art…

I am a Dancer, a Performer first before anything else…then I became a Choreographer and, on the same time - without knowing it while transmitting my choreographies – I was becoming a pedagogue…and so, I went to professional instructor training to learn how to get tools to be a better instructor…20 years after getting my DIPLOME D’ETAT…I decided to go back to refresh/learn/exchange experiences with other teachers…Well !

Now, I finally got an experience in a High Conservatoire since January 2018 at CRR – Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional -93 thanks to my last diploma : le CA !!!

And sooooooo ! I NEED TO GO BACK ON STAGE !!!

With my new and big last personal experience – the most amazing I ever lived – HAVING A BABY BOY, I had to take a few steps back TO LIVE THIS LOVE…But every day God made, I always felt always more and more connected with my FIRST reason to DANCE…EXPRESS MYSELF, SHARE IT AND BE ON STAGE…This is the biggest artistic challenge to me I guess….

PERFORMING….that is the most EXCITING challenge and risk in a way!


I have 2 things I want to do and that I have in my head since long years now….

  • going back to my long SOLO creation experience through my dance Company L’ESPECE URBAINE – The Urban Species – to follow « this woman » aging in her artistic and personal life

  • being part of a MUSICAL while dancing, acting and singing…

Well, yesterday, after maybe 7 years – while I was dancing, teaching and choreographing around the world in the Fusion Scene, I went back to an audition for a musical …That was quite interesting and that felt good!

Living the experience with not only my performer eyes, but also with my choreographer and specially my instructor eyes. When you have the experience, you live the experience but you can also analyse, observe not only what you are experiencing at the moment but also what the others are experiencing…You can see the good things as the bad things… You have the hindsight…

The very important thing to me is to know what is « your place » depending on what you have to do at a precise moment, and keep « that place » respecting everybody’s other places.

And to finish this 1st post, I would say :

« Every day is a new day... Experience new adventures and new challenges no matter your age! »

Always Love & Dance,


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